Is your skin feeling the zap of winter and feeling dull, lifeless, dry and flaky?

Exfoliating can help regenerate skin and remove dead skin cells, allowing your new layer of skin to shine through.  An exfoliant is a lotion containing sand-like particles that is massaged over the face and then rinsed off to reveal smoother skin.  The skin also feels refreshed and it looks brighter after exfoliating. What is the benefit of exfoliation and why is it considered an important component to a healthy complexion?

It’s important to make exfoliation a part of your skin care regimen, because our skin is consistently regenerating. New skin cells are created and the old layers are pushed to the surface. These surface layers do break down, but often leave particles, traces of skin, and dead skin cells clinging to the surface. Exfoliation is crucial to removing these. By massaging the face with rougher particles, these dead skin cells are sloughed off the skin leaving the newer layer of skin.

Here are some of the benefits to exfoliation:

* speeds up the process of old skin flaking and shedding off
* improves complexion
* make skin feel and look brighter and smoother
* encourages the growth of new skin cells
* increases blood circulation
* brings a glow to the face
* improves skin texture and color
* removes skin blockages
* allows the face to maintain an adequate amount of oil
* gives the impression of erasing fine lines and wrinkles
* stimulates cellular renewal
* prevents breakouts
* removes toxins from skin
* skin preparations are absorbed more easily

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